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Peace be upon you and welcome to Quran Connection. The aim of this site is to help those who connect with al quran connect with other like-minded individuals, whether it be for friendship, marriage or general networking . We hope members find this site useful and are able to build bonds, grow with each other and create a worldwide community worthy of God's blessings.
  • build your own network of contacts who share your interests
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  • create clubs and invite people, who share your interests
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Author: Sami
Let us reform our way of life in light of the Quran....
Author: Muhammad
This club is for all the Maldivians who wish to study the Quran with reason and scientific falsifiable and testable knowledge with respect to mutual understanding of the members...
Author: Buku Itu
bagi yang berbahasa indonesia, silahkan mampir di sini :)...
Author: anne
salam all, i would like to start some kind of meetup in manchester uk, to discuss all things with an open mind ...
Author: rizwan
This is a group which will meet every week on a Sunday in Tooting south London God Willing.
Its purpose will be to approach understanding of the Quran from a non sectarian and completely impartial st...
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